Neighborhood Grants

The Urban Enterprise Association grants enterprise zone and service delivery area neighborhoods funds to assist them with the costs associated with neighborhood sponsored projects and programs.  

In 2018, the UEA granted $6,000 to twelve neighborhoods.    

Neighborhood                     Grant Amount                               Purpose

Bloomingdale   $500.00 Newsletter publication
Creighton-Home   $500.00 Newsletter publication
East Central   $500.00 Newsletter publication
Greater McMillen Park   $500.00 Newsletter publication
Hoagland Masterson   $500.00 Newsletter publication
LaRez   $500.00 Newsletter publication
Memorial Park   $500.00 Newsletter publication
Northside   $500.00 Newsletter publication
Oxford Community   $500.00 Maintenance around community building
Spy Run   $500.00 Newsletter publication
West Central   $500.00 Assistance with consultant fee hired to work on expansion of the historic district
Williams Woodland   $500.00 Purchase hanging baskets for the neighborhood street lamps


Grants are typically awarded at the end of each year for disbursement the following year.  Grants must be used in the year they are awarded.  Any unused grant funds will not carry over into the next year.  Grant payments are made directly to vendors upon receipt of invoices or reimbursement can be made to the neighborhood after receiptes showing payment are presented.  

Neighborhood Grant Application